Installation Issues

If you’ve followed the install instructions but run into problems, you can find some tips below.


First port of call if you’re having issues with an installation is to make sure you have all the dependencies installed. RubyGems should take care of this for you, but just in case, make sure you have the following gems as well:

Installing an adapter

You will also need to install the adapter for your platform:

gem install dm-mysql-adapter

The current database adapters are:

There are also many more database, and non-database, adapters. Have a look at the (probably incomplete) list on the github wiki. Additionally, a quick github search might reveal some more.

Uninstalling all DataMapper gems

Should you ever have the need to uninstall datamapper completely, Dan Kubb has prepared a bash command that does the trick. Have a look at this gist for a oneliner that gets rid of datamapper completely.

Getting Help

If you still have issues, we suggest getting onto the mailing list or the IRC channel and asking around. There are friendly people there to help you out.