Contribute to DataMapper

DataMapper is always looking for more contributors. When you’ve got an itch to scratch, jump in and contribute! Write a few specs showing us how your code works, create a patch and submit it as a new ticket or a fix for an existing one. After a few patches and many thanks, you’ll get commit access.

We benchmark all but the most trivial of patches, because we care about performance and you should too!

What we need

Currently DataMapper needs help in a few particular areas:

Git - Edge DataMapper

DataMapper development uses Git SCM. Please see using git to learn how to contribute. For detailed instructions how to get a proper development setup for datamapper up and running, have a look at the edge guide.

Code Style Guidelines

When contributing any code to DataMapper, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Code should match the style guide
  2. Specs are required
  3. Documentation is required (use the YARD documentation style)